This is a haven for the thoughts, insights, views and ideas that come out of my head and those of my friends!!

But what is my head and who am I? I am Chris, lifelong geek/nerd/whichever term you want to use. Since I can remember I have been a movie buff, 80s music connoisseur, Trekkie, Whovian (pre and post-revival), Rebel, gamer of many shades (tabletop/PC/console) and those are just a few facets of my life. I work for a pharmacy in the real world and on the World Wide Web I am a co-host on the Inglorious Geeks podcast as well as a co-host on the Heroes & Coffee podcast as Chris da Inglorious Geek. Now I am also the co-host of the Watching the Multiverse podcast.

I have many thoughts that are running through my head and sometimes I can actually get them down to share. I’ve always been one to want to listen to the passion and intensity of how others feel about their particular fandoms and maybe even find a new one. I have a willing and open ear and want to hear what your views and thoughts are on things that are brought up here.

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