Watching The Multiverse is Live!!

It’s been a slow and fairly uneventful summer here but now with the weather changing, the leaves falling, and the kids back to school it really means one thing: The start of the new television season!!

Going along with the fun we had before when we discussed the last season of CW’s The Flash and the first season of FX’s Legion, my friend Kristel Yeager and I have started a new podcast entitled Watching the Multiverse. The multiverse has been a term I’ve personally enjoyed for decades. With all the shows out there nowadays, it felt like a show that did a recap of the week’s events was a fitting addition to life and here it is!!

You can find Watching the Multiverse on the major providers (Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn) as well as the Geeks WorldWide Radio Network ( which has been a great supporter of our efforts. Another special thanks goes to Mike “Mikey Flash” Schmidt for our awesome theme song (Twitter: @MikeSchmidt09). Follow along with the podcast @WatchMultiverse

Tune in, be entertained and let us know what you think!


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