“Flashpoint Paradox” to be the DCEU Flash solo film. 

My fangirl heart almost exploded when I heard this DC news released this weekend at SDCC. Everyone’s been wondering what is the fate of the Flash film after all of the directorial issues in the past year. Of ALL the news realeased both DC and marvel, trailers, (including the long anticipated Justice League Trailer) comic book news.. THIS is what excited me most. 

Flashpoint has become my favorite comics of all time. It has almost everything I could ask for. My heroes as villains and we see Bruce’s parents alive. Yet it all gets to go back to normal. Therefore there should be no issue making the movie. Unlike The “Captain America:Civil War” film….ewww…The movie wouldn’t need tweaked due to timelines and character histories. At the end, it’s all as it was. 

Also, Geoff Johns wrote this comic. He’s the head of DCEU and DC. Perfect! He’s also one of the biggest fanboys on the planet. All of the points I’ve made are the formula for a nearly PERFECT comic book movie. If you haven’t read Flashpoint Paradox I strongly suggest you do before the movie is released. If you’re not a reader, watch the animated film. If you have any thoughts or opinions, drop a comment here or tweet me..  @yeagerkristel 


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