Wonder Woman was EVERYTHING We Wanted and More!!!!

Nicole and I are hardcore Wonder Woman fans. We waited in line for a late night early release bouncing up and down fangirling. The kids didn’t even look like that. Within the first five minutes of that movie I was sucked in. We were slapping each other on the legs. The way the cast played off each other was fucking epic! She played the awkward Diana like you see in “Justice League: War”. Nicole and I both gasped when we saw the ice cream scene 😱. Loved that Easter egg. Patty Jenkins did an amazing job. The end. Oh god… I cried so hard… actually wept out loud. A child next to me looked at me like I was crazy. So I laughed at myself while I cried. Haha so yeah, that’s how great this movie is. I’m the fangirl who love the Icy villains. I had so many feels I cried half the way home. That’s saying a hell of a lot. Cried more than I did watching “Logan”. Anyone who says #DCEU is dead, hasn’t seen this movie. 


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