Motor City Comic Con 2017 Wrap Up

The 2017 Motor City Comic Con has come and gone and it was quite the exciting time!! From May 19-21st, the Suburban Collection Showplace was abuzz with much pop culture fandom, artist work and more. Over 55,000 attendees showed up for the three day spectacle that was also attended by 47 media guests and 213 comic guests which accounted for three dozen panels. Exhibitors and crafters were also in attendance selling various collectibles and pop culture memorabilia helping make this weekend one not easily forgotten.

Friday brought about some great pre-show conferences with Michael Rooker and then with the cast of Weird Science. These were the very first press only conferences in the conventions history. Both press conferences were exciting and informative and I’ll be going into more details on those in upcoming posts. The day continued with getting acquainted again with the convention hall and making some new friends. I got to know some of the artists, which is something that I’ve learned from last year when I didn’t do as much, and met some very interesting folks. Later in the day I attended the Robin Lord Taylor panel and got quite the glimmer of this young gentleman’s life with Gotham and more.

Saturday was a more energetic day for many reasons. Not only did I get together with my other Inglorious Geek co-hosts Jason Barden and April Mitchell but I also ran into two of my oldest and dearest friends Jon and Calvin. This convention really does bring the best of fans together. Along with going around to view more of the artists and really getting to know more of them, it was time for more panels. This day was for the Guardians of the Galaxy panel with Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker. The second panel I showed up to was the Behind the Podcast panel with Derek from the Comic Pros and Cons podcast along with other hosts from podcasts like An Elegant Weapon (a part of the Point of Interest Podcast Network which Heroes and Coffee is affiliated with). It was a very enlightening and knowledgeable panel plus I got to meet POI head honcho Jay Clark. The day was also for the cosplay contest and the dozens of attendees in costume was awesome to see. Throughout the weekend there were plenty of cosplayers but Saturday always brings more of them out due to the contest. I did see lots of Wonder Women, one Harry Dresden, the mass of Star Wars themed members of the 501st Legion, and more. Overall, an excellent Saturday!!

Sunday brought another fun day for all including two more panels, The Power Rangers Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank as well as nerd extraordinaire Wil Wheaton and both were amazing to attend. I got to talk to a few more of the artists including a wonderful woman named Doreen with the CreepyNCute Shop that does fabric dolls and they have made many of them for celebrities, mostly of the horror genre like George Romero and the cast of the Walking Dead. Talking to the artists really was one of the biggest highlights of the entire weekend and I’m glad I got to speak to so many of them.

To put all my thoughts together, The Motor City Comic Con 2017 was quite the experience for myself and I’m guessing many others. So many wonderful guests, artists, dealers and attendees made for a pleasurable weekend. The month of May now will always have a weekend that will occupied with my attendance at this convention.


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