FX and Marvel’s “Legion” Gets Second Season on the Heels of Big Reveal

If you are a fan of the X-Men, this has been a very active time for you this year. There’s been a whole lot of tears and cheers for Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the Wolverine in Fox’s “Logan”, we’ve heard news of the ordering of a pilot for a new X-Men television series for Fox that will connect to the films, and we’ve had the release of FX’s television series called ‘Legion’ and based on the same character.

If you know nothing of the character or series, Legion is based on the character David Haller who is the son of Charles Xavier (yet neither one knows that fact). The television version has been suffering from visions and potential schizophrenia most of his life, going in and out of mental hospitals. Though those visions in his head might not be something psychological. David Haller is a mutant, possibly the most powerful mutant there is. Two groups seem very interested in him and his well-being: Summerland, which is a  refuge for mutants run by Dr. Melanie Bird, and Division 3, which seems to want to capture and use David as a weapon and being hunted down by a being known only as The Eye.

Season One has been spectacular and definitely a mental beating in the best of ways. Just such a mind fuck that you keep coming back for week after week. As of this post we’ve been treated to six great episodes with just two remaining for this season. It did feel very weird that the season was only eight episodes though luckily we were treated with the news that we will be granted the opportunity of a second season.

This news of a second season came right before Episode #6 which set up the arrival of one of Legion and Marvel’s most powerful enemies, The Shadow King. Seen on the show as the Demon with Yellow Eyes,  it is the multidimensional manifestation of the darkest sides of the human consciousness and inside David’s head he can be a sheer terror to all of mankind. These last two episodes of the season look like they will be quite the roller coaster of emotions.

Legion is on FX Wednesday evenings at 10PM EDT with replays immediately afterwards. On Twitter, my friend Kristel is live-tweeting the episodes on @HeroesAndCoffee with the hashtag #MindOfPower



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