Why the World Needs the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe

Since 2006, we have been getting treated by the glamorous films coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor have been a fixation on our eyes and our hearts for over a decade and they are still coming to us (Iron Man shows up in Spider Man: Homecoming, Hulk and Thor in Ragnarok, and we had Cap show up for us in Civil War last year) while we are getting newer properties coming to us soon (Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Wasp).

DC has had a little bit more of a rougher start to their DC Extended Universe (DCEU) with mixed reviews from Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and the Academy Award winning Suicide Squad. Least we forget though that DC has been having movies out for many years well before the concept of interconnected films (the original four Superman movies with Christopher Reeves, Superman Returns, and the five Batman flicks).

Now, as a lifelong Trekkie and Rebel, it makes me think that do we really need both the MCU and DCEU since they are both kind of similar? One word, YES!! There are many reasons for it but I will make this a very simplified list:

  1. Characters in both universes may be similar but have their own personalities and different characteristics. Look at The Flash and Quicksilver: Flash was science-based while Quicksilver is a mutant. Flash had his heroics while Quicksilver was sometimes questionable.
  2. The shear volume of stories each universe has is immense!! Plus, since the comics are still being made today, the storie are still evolving/changing. Plenty of good material to be used.
  3. In this world of movies being remade, reworked and endless sequels let’s at least have some movies that we can enjoy that CAN have continuing plot lines. The interconnection of the Trinity in Batman vs Superman or the forging of the Avengers are stories that can be made and created.

These storied comic book organizations have great stories and excellent characters that need to be shown on the big screen for a new generation and more. Let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves about which is better but agree that we need to see more of these cinematic universes.


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